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Subject: [FYI] Pretty printing of BPSS, CPA and CPP xml-files using XSLT


I have released the first set of open source XSLT stylesheets for pretty 
printing of BPSS,  CPP and CPA xml-files. The tool is called "XSLT Tool" 
and released within Open ebXML project.

The implementation is a *Proof-of-Concept* and development stopped 
before graphics and layout because it would be useful to hear what  
others have to say before putting too much work on layout details and 
explanation texts.

Im particular interested in comments on:
* the concept as such
* usefulness of short "Popup" explanations (move cursor over 
questionmark icon)
* usefulness of multi-language long explanation (accessed through popups)
* document standards, guidelines to follow (layout, legal, ...)
* ideas of other useful features

In the plan for future releases is a java application a'la  "javadoc" 
and generation of PDF through FOP.

XLST tools home page:

Downloadable files:

Discussions relating to Open ebXML XSLT tools are prefarable held in the 
"openebxml-devel" mailing list.

The stylesheets have been implemented with Apache's Xerces and Xalan but 
should work with more XSLT processors.

/        Anders W. Tell   ,   Financial Toolsmiths AB         / /
email: <anderst@toolsmiths.se> <mailto:anderst@toolsmiths.se>  
<http://www.toolsmiths.se>  /
/ BML: http://openebxml.sourceforge.net/Projects/BML/bml.html /

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