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Subject: RE: ebxml-core?

Title: RE: ebxml-core?


David Webber wrote -
> A good touch point there is the DISA X12 meeting in Miami at
> the end of September.

David is exactly correct (except that it is the ANSI ASC X12 meeting in Miami wherein DISA will provide an administrative support role)  As many of you are aware, Mr. Walker has issued a statement regarding the CEFACT Steering Group position on Core Components and the work of the JCC.  I anticipate that we will receive additional clarification from the chairs of ANSI ASC X12 and the EWG.  In the meantime, let me assure everyone that JCC will have a full-up meeting in Rotterdam in conjunction with the EWG.  During that meeting, we will continue to work on all aspects of  Core Components Technical Specifications and will also have the various domain groups, with representation by ASC X12, conduct aggressive CC discovery work.   

        I would also like to assure everyone that ebXML compliant core component work will also take place in Miami at the X12 meeting.  The Miami meeting will focus on discovery and analysis of Core Components as well as other issues that may arise as a result of decisions reached in Rotterdam. 

Mark Crawford
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Logistics Management Institute
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> A good touch point there is the DISA X12 meeting in Miami at
> the end of September.
> Thanks, DW.
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