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Subject: qualifier for datetime and amount

In ebXML Core Components, 

 - The datetime object contains "content" and "format". 
 - The amount object contains "amount" and "amount currency.." 

I was idly wondering, whether each of these two objects needs
another embedded entity, called "qualifier".  OAGIS uses 
qualifiers on its dateTime and Amount.   Edifact also seems
to use date/time qualifiers ubiquitously.


Could somebody please educate me as to why the 'qualifier'
isn't in the CCmps.  Is 'qualifier' in the doghouse?

The "qualifier" as an element of the datetime and amount
seems to make for efficient XML schemas and instances in
serializing transaction data between diverse systems.

The epistemic argument is that "qualifier" is a naturally 
occurring and intrinsic element in any scenario where a value 
is chosen from the progression of time or the progression
of amounts in a business interaction.  Why otherwise would 
the user pick that amount or datetime value, other than the 
fact it is associated with an event, a resource, etc.?  

There may be a reason so many developers settled into this 
practice of putting the qualifier attribute after datetime or 


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