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ebxml-dev message

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Subject: DEV List


I just joined this list and review the first few posts.   I wanted to
ask about the mission of this list.  I wish to share a little history:

I had a meeting with a few people in Vienna to explain where there were
gaps in the ebXML Specifications that prevent it from being implemented
fully at this time.  When everyone saw them,  we discussed how to
corcumvent them.  Technically,  they were not huge problems rather, 
just some issues that need to be solved before one could realize an
ebXML implementation that will interoperate with others implementations.

I suggested that I would start a DEV list for people wishing to
implement ebXML to discuss these gaps, problems and decide on in term
solutions.  The information  woudl also be fed back into the project
teams responsible for the specs to make sure we end up with a useable

It appears that Karl and OASIS beat me to the punch setting up such a
list which is good becuase it shoudl be an open forum.

I therefore propose that this be the forum for such discussions:

1.  identifying gaps and problems and wish lists with ebXML

2.  proposing and authorign solutions

3.  Recognizing that these interm solutions be "Best Practices" or
"Defacto standards" until such time as those who write the specs can
incorporate solutions.

Now - to reply to Todd's earlier message:

"I urge the EWG to avoid any complex, theoretical context mechanisms 
for this common horizontal vocabulary.  It should be loaded straight 
into the Registry and published together with a rich set of examples and
documentation.  Small business software in the U.S. is quite mature
and works very well within vocabularies below 400 elements, exemplified


Avoid contexts, straight forward 300 element set of core components.  I
have already started on writing the DTD for presenting Core Components. 
I have looked at igML, X12, xCBL and cXML.  A common simple set of core
components,  with hooks for those who eventually wish to try and do
fancy contextual stuff later,  is a clear and obvious winner.  


Duane Nickull, CTO - Founder
XML Global Technologies, Inc.

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