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Subject: RE: [Fwd: Example Scenarios Used Within the Aerospace Industry]

Ron Schuldt wrote:
> >The is a major difference between buying non-inspectable commodity items
> >such as light bulbs used in a facility versus inspectable items such as
> >landing gear struts that go into a passenger plane. 


> >Bottom line - the requirements in a landing gear strut purchase order are
> >vastly different from those in a simple light bulb procurement. As a result,
> >should the PO for a light bulb pay the penalty of having to address the
> >multitude of topics (extra overhead) that are required for the landing gear
> >strut? My strong suspicion is --- no.

> >Having stated my point - it is my hope that common (core component) data
> >elements applicable across multiple industries and used within multiple
> >transactions will be addressed by this ebXML list. Examples include -
> >address, currency, organization, etc.


David Lyon wrote:
> I tend to agree with you Abid. There are too many technical people that say
> that a Purchase Order for an Electronics company is entirely different and
> non interchangable for those say, for Insurance. It's ridiculous.

I guess I wouldn't assert that POs for one industry have to be
"entirely different and non interchangable" than those from another. However,
hopefully there will be some standard ways of plugging in industry-specific
detail. There will be a need for vocabularies to handle the needs of particular 
industries and functions.

Here's another example - staffing. Temporary and contract staff (human resources)
are about the farthest thing that I can imagine from an undifferentiated
commodity. Twelve months ago, I perhaps naively assumed that HR-XML would not
have much of an intersection with purchasing processes. However, we have
had a strong interest from both staffing purchasers and suppliers in building 
in specific support for the procurement of temporary and contract staffing.

Is HR-XML going to be coming up with its own PO spec? I hope not. On the
other hand, we have a strong interest in exploring how HR-XML compliant
job requisitions -- which can capture rich detail about required skills,
experience, etc. -- fit into major procurement frameworks and perhaps how
they might work across different frameworks. I believe most of HR-XML
members in the staffing space (companies like Kelly Services, Adecco, Randstad,
Manpower) are at least to some extent connecting with customers via
XML-enabled commerce platforms. Unfortunately, the description of what
the customer wants -- i.e., the skills, experience, qualifications, etc. --
usually comes in as a blob of text versus an HR-XML payload.

Best Regards,

Chuck Allen
Director, HR-XML Consortium, Inc.

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