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Subject: XML Dataorganisation

Hello List,

we have build an XML Data Enginee, we give al datas in XML files an
organisated this, with XML (like search, save, merge, Convert,
interface and so on)

in this time we have realtest with 250.000 person and adressrecords,
it very fast.
the next case we will test with 1 Mio records,
we transformed all this with XSL, an in now we'll build
workfloworganisation to make a usability in the browerapplikation.

on of my next case is to build an businessworkflow with ebXML dtd to
make bills, katalog an business workflows in the network

we make a big presentation on 20-21 Juni on www.linuxdays.at kongress
in Austria.
if anyone have interested on this event come with applikation, enginess,
tools, come to austria an show your business.

we are the future www.LivingXML.net team an we make business with XML.

you can talk to me in german language!

Best regards,
 franz                            mailto:franz@wieser.at

++ www.LivingXML.net ++
++ XML is my Live    ++

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