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Subject: RE: [Fwd: Example Scenarios Used Within the Aerospace Industry]

> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Lyon [mailto:djlyon@one.net.au]
> ....
> Your assertion is probably true.
probably cross vertical business domains too !? (same payload used in
different business processes)

> ebXML isn't going to be useful though if it tries tell an aircraft
> manufacturer or an airline what business processes it should 
> have. That's up
> to them.
Well yes, every company has always had to make their own decisions, but to
your point technically ebXML (BP) now goes to CEFACT, and that round starts
in the Fall at the next CEFACT EWG meetings. There's also going to be strong
vertical industry input to the setup the content of the 'Catalog of Commonly
Used Business Processes' in the Registry(s). ebXML was always very clear
that vertical industry's have the domain experts.

> What ebXML can do is provide a marketplace framework where 
> the interactions
> between companies at a technical level, that is define how to 
> put together
> message payloads.
?? You probably mean with time the ebXML Registry get's populated with all
kinds of good things like commonly used business processes and CPP/CPA's and
'business information objects'/payloads, ... Still the very essential point
that needs to be really made is it's the business process that'll drive the
payload success or failure 'conditions'. 

> These days the whole idea of 
> inspectability/non-inspectability is becoming
> blurred.
Just these days .. ? Sorry I couldn't resist but I think you understand me.

>snip snip ...

> In summary, defining the business process is only applicable to large
> corporations within specific industries where the business 
> process is quite
> simple. In smaller organisations, the processes are often 
> more dynamic.
I disagree with your statement that business processes are only for large
Defining business processes is a business function we all do every day,
large AND small, whether we really recognize it or not, instictively or
formally through the work as CEFACT's TMWG UMM metamodel. Sometimes we make
good business models, and sometimes we score out; and company's go under ! 
Paying a vendor is a business process. 
Invoicing a customer is a business process. 
Filling in your tax (with paper forms/worksheets or a program like TurboTax)
is a business process.
ebXML BP, specifically ebXML Worksheets has taken a formally defined UMM
business process metamodel and made the task of coming up with your business
process a much simpler one for everyone. The ebXML Proof of Concept work has
shown how a simple software could actually be used to make the business
process modeling work even more mechanically simple - BUT as always you need
to know what your business process needs to be.

If you can fill in your tax forms, then you should be able to use ebXML's
Worksheets to make simple business processes that work.

Dave Welsh

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