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Subject: Re: DRAF RE: How to Create an ebXML Order (EDI 850 transaction se t)

I had hopes that this list would stick to development issues, problems, and
discussions and not degenerate into extended philosophical discussions and
posturing, but I suppose that was unrealistic.  (whenever two or more are
gathered together...).  However, before I start ignoring this thread I want to
respectfully differ with John Evdemon on a couple of points:

> Since organizations have been working to XML-enable EDI since 1997 (or
> thereabouts) and have (to date) been unsuccessful, I think it IS something
> worth bragging about.

I  know of no significant organizations that have been trying to XML-enable EDI
(at least X12 or EDIFACT) since 1997 and have been unsuccessful.  ANSI ASC X12
did a bit of work on such an approach, but calling the work unsuccessful is a
gross mis-characterization.  We decided to *abandon* the approach in 1999 with
the advent of ebXML.  The EDIFACT Working Group never even seriously considered
XML-enabling EDIFACT.  XML Solutions (promoting an approach under xedi.org, and
now part of Vitria, I believe), has promoted such an approach for awhile.
However, I will agree that they have as yet been unsuccessful in getting any
recognized EDI standards body to officially adopt it.

> Much as I would like to agree (and I do), I expect we will see the same
> splintering occur with whatever recommendation comes out of ebXML.

ebXML is over, and no longer exists as even an informal organization.  UN/CEFACT
will take responsibility for continuing the business process work started in
ebXML.  If any universal, internationally recognized, standard XML schemas are
ever developed they will probably come from the EDIFACT Working Group or its

Cheers, and have fun...

Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting

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