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Subject: Re: How to Create an ebXML Order (EDI 850 transaction set)

John Evdemon wrote:

> My concern (and the reason behind my ramblings) is regarding the level of
> EDI experience within ebXML.  EDI has been around much longer than both XML
> xCBL and has a much more mature track record.  Starting with a new set of
> metadata seems illogical given the decades of work that has already been
> invested into developing EDI metadata standards.


You seem to not understand what our focus is.  We are not going to build
documents to solve the entire worlds' business problems.  We are
building a small set of test documents to facilitate some common
business processes using the ebXML Infrastructure using xCBL as a
starting point.  
> EDI represents the largest volume of B2B transactions occurring today.
> Given that fact, ebXML must support EDI - I'm trying to ensure that we do
> this as painlessly as possible.

And that is why the UBL group is full of EDI experts.  No one has ever
said we are ignoring EDI.  We are using xCBL as a starting point
partially becuase Commerce One gave up the IP to the public domain to
work on such stuff.

XEDI??? If XEDI has already solved the problems that ebXML is setting
about to work,  then lets' see this data.  All I could see on the XEDI
site was one rendition of an 850 PO in XML.  I have asked you to show us
the rest of your data.  Where is the rest of the data????  IF you are
suggesting we use that as a starting point,  donate the IP now and it
willbe considered.  If you are not willing to give up the IP or even
show us the wonderful XEDI,  then please do not criticise us for using
what is available.

We should thank Commerce One for participating so openly in ebXML.  They
have provided many experts in XML and EDI as well as some IP for us to
play with. 
> Are we forgetting that "legacy" systems imply both maturity and (in most
> cases) reliability?

Reliability????   But what about low cost for SME's, simplicity, an open
infrastructure that is free to use, scalability,  extensibility etc
etc.  These are mandates of ebXML.  Legacy fails to make the grade on
all of these points.  

We are not going to ignore EDI.  We will use the wealth of information
that is the culmination of years of experience by a lot of very
knowledgable people.  No one is advocating throwing it out. 

Duane Nickull

Duane Nickull, CTO - Founder
XML Global Technologies, Inc.

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