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Subject: Re: FYI: Article on ebXML and Interoperability

Interesting analysis.  It confirms some of my suspicions about ebXML, but they
vary slightly.  One of them being ebXML is far too complicated to gain wide
acceptance, and far too ambiguous to function as a guide.  Both of these
contribute to the cost of attempting an ebXML initiative within a company, and
because of their scope, it becomes financially infeasible.

What I am, and I expect others are, looking for is a base template of messages
to exchange with trading partners.  I want to know *how* we're going to find
each other on the net, how we're going to identify each to the other, what the
format and content of our messages will be, and what documented and agreed-to
extensions there might be.

It seems odd that Automated Teller Machine networks can publish documentation
describing all these things, and that programming staffs at various
institutions can readily implement them, even with extensions (like support
for Point-of-Sale terminals).  Additionally, there are resources for testing
your implementation and achieving a certification/verification status that
your interface works properly.

I am anxiously awaiting some type of implementation document describing how to
implement an ebXML (or any other business protocol standard) compliant system
without having to spend US$500,000.  Unless it can be made practical I don't
see how it can achieve any kind of traction, regardless which big-boys
announce their support for it.


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