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Subject: Re: ebXML implementations

Hello Lars:

XML Global has developed software for all components of ebXML. 
Currently,  we offer the ebXML Messaging Libraries, GoXML Central - our 
Registry/ Repository back end and some additional libraries for CPP/CPA 

Our Transformation product, GoXML Transform v 2.0 (Beta Oct 15), has 
built in support for UID lookup into an ebXML compliant Registry as well 
as additional functionality for other ebXML roles.  The current version 
(1.2) is available for download and  evaluation from our website:


We are able to  integrate all of our components together to build a 
system able to execute the high level ebXML use case described int he 
Technical Architecture Specification and other business use cases our 
ebXML customers have asked us for.


Duane Nickull

Lars.E.Abrell@skanova.com wrote:

> All,
> Telia / Skanova is planning to implement software solutions for doing
> eBusiness with both customers and suppliers, based on the ebXML
> specifications. Skanova operates and develops Sweden's largest network
> for telephony, Internet and broadband services, and is part of the Telia
> Group which is the leading Nordic communications company. 
> Skanova will shortly send out a RFI - Request For Information, to
> vendors developing eBusiness solutions based on the ebXML
> specifications.
> By this email I'm asking the ebXML community for information about
> vendors developing such eBusiness solutions.  
> Please send email to this list, or, if you prefer, directly to me.
> We are looking for  
> -Business Process Editor Tools,
> -Core Component and Business Document Editor Tools
> -Collaboration Protocol Profile/Agreement Editor Tools
> -Software for a Local Registry & Repository implementation
> -Registry & Repository Client Interface Tools
> -Software for a Message Service Handler MSH 
> -Software for a B2BI server executing the BPSS 
> -other ebXML software
> Regards
> Lars Abrell, IT-management   
> Telia / Skanova                     
> Kaserntorget 11                   
> SE-405 35 Goteborg               
> Sweden
> Tel:  +46 705-61 90 80
> Fax: +46 706-10 90 80
> Mailto:lars.e.abrell@telia.se or Mailto:lars.e.abrell@skanova.com
> http://www.telia.se              &  http://www.skanova.com

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