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Subject: RE: ebXML vs Rosettanet

They both have similarities and also have their own distinguising features.
Based on my understanding, they are:
EbXML is more of a horizontal enabler of B2B interaction. The ebXML
Messaging Services Specification, which integrates SOAP 1.1, is quite a
complete one, and is one of ebXML's strenghts. (RosettaNet is planning on
adopting this standard.) 
One of RosettaNets strengths is in developing vertical business process
standards in various business domain areas. Their PIPs are very complete,
and well thought out. ebXML does not really go into this space. ebXML does
not go into the specification of what standards if any, the
payloads/attachments need to conform to. It is upto either a standards body
(maybe rosettanet ), or the 2 (or more, in the case of multipart
collaborations) business parties to decide for eg, what schemas etc the XML
payloads need to conform to etc.
One of the similarities I have heard of, is that the meta-metamodel upon
which the 2 specifications are based is the same, and has become part of the

There are also some structural differences between a ebXML document and a
RosettaNet document . The ebXML has some extra elements and is organised

Anyway, a combination of the 2 protocols could be quite powerful. and I
think they are heading in that direction.

 Hope this helps.

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From: Harden ZHU [mailto:hardenz@sympatico.ca]
Sent: Friday, September 07, 2001 9:32 AM
To: ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: ebXML vs Rosettanet

What is difference between ebXML and Rosettanet? Is Rosettanet sort of ebXML
or same?

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