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Subject: [ebxml-dev] [Announce] ebXML book: Professional ebXML Foundations

Professional ebXML Foundations
Wrox Press Inc
Authors: David A Chappell, Vivek Chopra, Jean-Jacques Dubray
         Colleen Evans, Betty Harvey, Tim McGrath, Duane Nickull
         Marcel Noordzij, Bruce Peat, Pim van der Eijk, Jan Vegt


Due Nov, 20001

This book covers: 

* An overview of electronic business and the interrelation of the ebXML
framework components 
* Modeling business processes and documents with ebXML BPSS, UMM, and XML
* Defining trading profiles and setting up collaborative agreements with
* Attracting and discovering business partners using ebXML
Registry/Repository or UDDI 
* Creating business message payloads using ebXML Core Components, XML, and
non-XML content 
* Transporting messages using ebXML Messaging Services, SOAP, JMS, and JAXM 
* Implementing secure, flexible ebXML solutions 
* Real world case studies 


Vivek Chopra

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