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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Can you explain BIE and ABIE?

Todd Boyle wrote:
> At 02:58 AM 11/13/01, somebody anonymous wrote:
> >Hello all,
> >
> >Can anyone explain Business Information Entity and Aggregate Business
> >Information Entity clearly with real world example?

To clarify this further:

A Business Information Entity is a context specific core component.  An
example may be where you have a core component called "MonetaryAmount". 
This represents a monetary amount but is not specific to any business

If you decided to use it as part of a specific business process of
perhaps in a general ledger,  then it might be constrained to be more
specific.  For instance, as part of a purchase order (which you are
working on), it might become "InvoiceTotal" which may now include
attributes for currency, currencySymbol, ISOcurrencyCode and perhaps
evens a descriptor to determine if it is a Wholesale or retain price.

An Aggregate busines information entity is a BIE comprised of two or
more BIE's or aggregate BIE's.  

Using a similar example,  image a BIE called CompanyName.  If you
aggregate that with CompanyAddress, CompanyPhoneNumber etc. etc. - you
may build an Aggregate BIE called "Party".

Hope this helps.

Duane NIckull

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