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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Product stack for ebXML implementation.

Vaishali Chhajed wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'm looking for products available to implement using ebXML. Can 
>someone help me with what the product stack looks like for 
>implementing registry, messaging, core components? Are there any 
>specifications available for writing CPAs and CPPs?
Depends on what you mean by specifications. In the Open ebXML project 
<www.openebxml.org> we have finished an inception phase and implemented 
a java framework for handling of CPP and CPA instances/documents.

We got an in memory java model, read from DOM ,write to SAX, validation 
framework, export to HTML.

In the eleboration phase we are adding a GUI and more features including 
selection of "nodes" based on XPath expressions. We also plan to add 
merging of CPP's into CPA, a detailed CPP/CPA validator that outputs a 
list of critics /violations instead of just reporting that the document, 
XML or in memory, is invalid.

We also aim at being java JSR compliant by the time the JSR is finalized.

The development of the  CPP/CPA framwork is done as a design pattern and 
we plan to generate a similar BPSS model with above features from the 
BPSS UML model (done in ArgoUML through custom written code generators).

The code has not yet been commited to cvs but a developers cut is 
available on request.

Both the CPB/CPA and BPSS basic frameworks are ready by the end of this 



/        Anders W. Tell   ,   Financial Toolsmiths AB         / 
/ email: <anderst@toolsmiths.se>  <http://www.toolsmiths.se>  /
/ Open ebXML: http://www.openebxml.org                        /

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