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Subject: [ebxml-dev] ebXML specifications interdendancies

    I am trying to assess the functional interdependancies b/w the diferent systems in the ebXML stack from an implementation standpoint, used in an e-business framework.
    As we know, the ebCPPA spec does specify how a CPA is negotiated between 2 trading partners. I also understood from a couple of vendors that the CPA instance XML has to be loaded into the internal database (any form) of the MSH. It really doesnt matter how the CPA is negotiated or for that matter even if it is in XML form.
All that is required is a conclusion representing the CPA that can be in any format, as long as it can be loaded into the internal database of the MSH as provided by the vendor.
    This means that an ebMS compliant MSH has also to be compliant with the ebCPPA. Also since the ebCPP and ebCPA instances identify the Business Processes in an ebBPSS instance, it means that the ebMS compliant MSH will also have to be compliant with the ebBPSS if it has perform the intended function of being able to validate and process ebMS TR&P messages . 
    This means that the ebMS TR&P cannot be used independantly for TR&P and forces you to use ebCPPA and ebBPSS. As such, even though an agreement may not be required between trading partners , we still need a bare bones 'void agreement' .
Is my understanding right, or am I missing a point here !?
Dipan Anarkat
EC Systems Analyst
Uniform Code Council, Inc.
Tel: (609)-620-4509

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