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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] ebXML specifications interdendancies

At Wednesday, 05 December 2001, "Anarkat, Dipan" <DAnarkat@uc-council.
org> wrote:

>Pae Choi,
>   I see a vendor lockdown over here. If my company and the trading 
>are using ebXML for everything then I need to find a vendor whose 
>app supports all the modules on the ebXML stack . Since there are no
>standard interfaces defined b/w an :
>  #ebMS handler and an ebCPA handler
>  #ebCPA handler and an ebCPP handler
>  #ebCPP handler and an ebRR
>  #ebCPA handler and an ebBPSS handler
>  #etc.
>how can I probably get a best-of-the breed solution from the market 
? Maybe
>JAVA may help here to define standard interfaces for communcation b/w
>different ebXML handlers. 
>Any comments ?

Since you asked for comments:  Oh boy, now we have yet *another* 
set of stuff to standardize!  If this approach is taken we really 
are just moving complexity around, and not eliminating it.  I predict 
that if this approach is taken, somewhere up at the next level in 
the stack we'll find something else to standardize. ;^)

At this point in time comprehensive packages from a single vendors 
make much more sense that trying to fully modularize (a la "plug 
and play") the architecture.  However, I do note that some of the 
interfaces you list above might consist of passing only a file or 
a few parameters (such as ebCPA handler and ebBPSS handler), and 
others may not necessarily have any interfaces (such as between ebCPA 
handler and ebCPP handler).  So, a certain degree of modularity may 
be achievable without too much effort.

Mike Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting

=end of email===

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