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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Announce: Article on Process Modeling for e-Business


Thanks for sharing your article.  As a BP  type person in the world of
ebXML, I appreciate your comments on the UMM.  One strength of the UMM you
didn't touch on is its help in doing prescriptive business process modeling
through the use of patterns at the level of business transactions and their
associated business service interactions.  The ebTWG is now developing the
idea of patterns at the level of business collaborations, i.e., scenarios,
such as commitments and their fulfillment in ways that can be monitored.
Another UMM strength is that is facilitates establishing a business process
specification as part of a CPA in which there are legally binding
commitments between pairs of trading partners.



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                    12/13/01 06:36 PM           Subject:     [ebxml-dev] Announce: Article on Process  
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You're probably either going to either love or hate this latest article
in my series "ebXML - A Critical Analysis".   Follow the link from my
home page.

Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting

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