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Subject: [ebxml-dev] #wilcardelement

Hi! ebXML folks,
 Can any one give me the detailed information about the #wildcard
Actually the specification speaks as below
Some ebXML SOAP extension elements allow for foreign namespace-qualified
element content to be added to provide for extensibility.  The extension
element content MUST be namespace-qualified in accordance with
[XMLNamespaces] and MUST belong to a foreign namespace.  A foreign
namespace is one that is NOT
Any foreign namespace-qualified element added SHOULD include the SOAP
mustUnderstand attribute.  If the SOAP mustUnderstand attribute is NOT
present, the default value implied is '0' (false).  If an implementation
of the MSH does not recognize the namespace of the element and the value
of the SOAP mustUnderstand attribute is '1' (true), the MSH SHALL report
an error (see section 11) with errorCode set to NotSupported and
severity set to error.  If the value of the mustUnderstand attribute is
'0' or if the mustUnderstand attribute is not present, then an
implementation of the MSH MAY ignore the namespace-qualified element and
its content.

But i have never seen an example that contains a #wildcard element. Can
ne one give me an ebXML example containing a wild card element and its


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