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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] BPMI?

MSH's function is to pass messages between the two partners.  That is part
of "execution of the CPA" but not the whole thing.  The BPSS instance
document is logically part of the CPA.  The MSH does nothing about BPSS
function.  BPSS function is largely choreography. Checking correct
execution of the choreography is the job of a function in the middleware
(BSI) above the MSH.


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Patrick Yee <kcyee@csis.hku.hk> on 02/24/2002 11:05:09 PM

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Subject:    Re: [ebxml-dev] BPMI?

> (4) What's the main role of BSI and MSH(Messaging Service Handler)?
> BPMS have to understand BPSS & BPML.
> BSI have to understand CPA.
> BSI have to manage the message in the level of Business Transaction, not
> Business Transaction means one transaction of requesting and responding
> In MSH, it have to manage the message in the level of Business Service.
> Business Service means the unit of sending message & receiving signal for
ack or exception.

In my opinion, MSH is quite detachable in the picture of BPSS/BPML/BSI. It
can be viewed as an "executor" of the agreed CPA. Of course, the parameters
agreed in CPA should be passed to the MSH for execution. Other than that, I
will regard MSH and BP* to be lived in two separate layers.

Please correct me if my concept is wrong. Thanks.


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