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Subject: [ebxml-dev] New ebXML product

Hello All,

Please allow me to introduce my company, BitDaemons Ltd, a specialist
developer of B2B software for SMEs.

BitDaemons Ltd has recently unveiled its suite of B2B applications aimed at
tackling the lack of solutions tailored to SMEs in the marketplace.

The reason I'm writing to this mailing list is that we have built this 
suite (called Octimal) around ebXML. We believe that we have identified and
isolated a significant gap in the market, since unlike almost any other
ebXML solution we have seen, Octimal is not a web service, rather, in a
basic sense, the next generation of business email.

A technology preview of Octimal has just been released, and the full version,
funding permitting, is scheduled for Q3 2002.

At this early stage in development, we would really appreciate any feedback or
comments. We are also actively looking for business partnerships to help
us to being this product to market.

For a complete description of Octimal, or to learn more about BitDaemons Ltd,
please visit our website at:

Thank you for your attention,

James Wydenbach
BitDaemons Ltd
tel:+44 (0)1252 326402

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