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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] EbXML Sun implementation


ebXML's Message Service (the protocol and message
format for ebXML messages) is based upon SOAP as the
underlying envelope format and processing model.

What ebXML does is define standard extensions to a SOAP
message, in full accordance with the SOAP protocol,
that adds features and capabilities such as reliability,
security and addressing, that SOAP itself does not
provide natively.

So, in fact, what you see is a SOAP envelope containing
ebXML extensions which is precisely what you should be



LAMY Olivier wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to use the class com.sun.xml.messaging.ebxml.EbXMLMessageImpl.
> With the simple code :
>       FileOutputStream fio = new FileOutputStream (new File("eb.xml"));
>       EbXMLMessageImpl ebxml = new EbXMLMessageImpl();
>       ebxml.setAction ("action");
>       ebxml.setConversationId ("4125641");
>       ebxml.saveChanges();
>       ebxml.writeTo (fio);
> I thought I will have an ebxml message but in fact I have an soap message.
> Thanks
> Olivier
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