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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Help Me -- ebXML Example implementations / How to start

Hi Friends/Sirs,

Can anybody help in understanding the ebXML ..... 
I read the specifications and I wants to work on some examples....

( As I am familiar with UDDI,WSDLSOAP......... I understand that ebXML is the 
extension to all these techmologies which aims at e-business development)

Please tell me where can I see the examples in work and/or download

I wants to see some example scenerios where we can implement ebXML...

Thank You,

Modukuri Satyanarayana,
infoGlyptic Software Pvt Ltd.,
Sigma Arcade, Marathahalli, Airport Road,
Bangalore - 37.
Voice   +91 80 5234448/49/50.
Fax   +91 80 5234451.

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