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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Access to ebXML Registry/Repository


Here are some answers to your questions. Note that I did not check link cited below recently.

V1 Hosted Registries

1. Korea Trade Network  http://www.GXMLHub.com/english/index.html

V2 Hosted Registries

-Look for an announcement within next few weeks on this list.

Following is a list of ebXML Registry implementations known to me:

V1 Registry Implementations

1. Sun Microsystems  http://www.sun.com/software/xml/developers/regrep/

2. Korea Institute of eCommerce

3. Korea Trade Network  http://www.GXMLHub.com/english/index.html

4. XML Global http://www.xmlglobal.com

5. Sterling Commerce (private implementation at this point)

6. Data Networks Corporation (under contract by the US Government)

V2 Registries

1. OASIS ebXML Registry RI: Open Source, seeded with Sun code base:


Accessing an ebXML Registry does not have any need to use UDDI. All the client needs is a URL to the

Browsing a Registry

Browsing a registry may be done as follows:

-Via registries proprietary web based User Interface (See KTNET as an example).

-Via a generic Registry Browser. An example is a RegistryBrowser that is a JAXR client. Look
for an announcement for such a browser in the next few weeks.


Carmen Hackländer wrote:

Dear all, after I've read and hopefully understood ebRIM and ebRS, there remain some questions: Who hosts an ebXML Registry? 

Are there any ebXML Registry implementations yet?If Yes, how could I access them? Can anybody provide some links?Is it necessary to use UDDI for access or are there any other possibilities?Is it possible to simply browse the content of the registry? Which tools can be used for it? I am a student of Frankfurt University, Germany, and currently writing my diploma thesis about ebXML.Can anybody please help me with these questions? Thank you very much.Carmen Hacklaender  


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