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Subject: [ebxml-dev] ebXML Reference Implementations, Architectural Patterns?

I'm on the hook to produce both an ebXML architectural pattern and reference  
implementation for a large automobile manufacturer (by mid-June no less). 

Anyone else done this and have some "shareable" resources/info.artificts that I might 
be able to  reuse? 

Any other suggestions/pointers? 

Please keep in mind that I have reviewed all of the implementations and 
documentation on the ebxml.org site and have done quite a few Google searches 
looking for info.  

So what I am looking for is info on initiatives that might be willing to share 
information/artifacts that have NOT been publicly announced in the normal places.

Ones in the the automotive industry would be especially interesting and might lead to 
some significant reciprocity from my project effort.



Chaeron Corporation

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