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Subject: [ebxml-dev] about cpp/a negotiation



Dear all,


We have some questions about the implementation of CPP/A. In the specification, there are no remarks for automated negotiation and configurations of CPA. We want to implement the ebXML CPP/A standards for defining business profiles and the conditions that allow integration between businesses. If we implement automated CPA negotiation tool, it will be provided to create a CPA from two given CPP documents.


Our questions are:

How can be negotiation done? Is CPA document itself modified or ití»s just transferred using MSH?

After negotiation, How can we configure CPA parameters? Where? Does every party have to save configuration file in ití»s own DB?

Are there any API for CPP/A? I came across JSR 157 ebXML CPP/A APIs for Java but ití»s not available I guess.

Anyone else done this and have some "shareable" resources/info.artificts that we might
be able to reuse? 


Thanks in advance.



Hyoung-Uk, Moon



Hyoung-Uk, Moon

B2BI Development Team

T.82-31-779-2867  F.82-31-779-2709

276-2,Seohyeon-dong, Bundang-gu, Seonganam-si,

Kyeonggi-do 463-775, Korea

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