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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] ebXML vs BizTalk


Try  www.theserverside.com and look under the Hard Core Tech Talks interview with Anne Thomas Manes. She talks about ebXML and BizTalk

>>> ana257@yahoo.de 04/02/02 04:18AM >>>
Hello everybody,

I am a student from the University of Mannheim
currently writing my final thesis on ebXML. I am
almost desperately looking for some information about
a comparison between ebXML and BizTalk or anything
regarding ebXML's penetration of the market or
Microsoft's attitude towards ebXML. 

Also, which software companies support ebXML in their
tools so far and which ones have concrete plans to do
so (since standards are always pushed by the

Any information on this subject would be most welcome!

Best regards,

Anabel Mombaur


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