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Subject: [ebxml-dev] <BinaryCollaboration> in eBPSS


I have a question specific to the BinaryCollaboration element in ebXML BPSS.

The BinaryCollaboration element describes the business activities and choreography of these activites.
Each Business Transaction Activity has fromAuthorizedRole and toAuthorizedRole.

What is the use of  InitiatingRole and RespondingRole in the business collaboration?

Does it mean that during a binary collaboration the requestor role cannot become responder role in the next business activity?
For e.g. is the Binary collaboration below valid?

<BinaryCollaboration name ="Product Purchase" timeToPerform="P5D">
    <IntiatingRole name="buyer"/>
    <RespondingRole name="seller"/>
    <BusinessTransactionActivity name="Place Order Activity">
        businessTransaction="Place Order"
        toAuthorizedRole="seller" />
    <BusinessTransactionActivity name="Send Invoice Activity">
        businessTransaction="Send Invoice"
        toAuthorizedRole="buyer" />


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