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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] where to start? here is the place....

Just to clarify Andrzej's comments...

Sun's ebXML registry implementation was donated to open source where it has been enhanced
support the latest V2.0 specifications of the OASIS ebXML Registry.

The open source ebXML Registry project is found at:


Recently Hong Kong University announced that they are operating an
OASIS ebXML V2.0 Registry in beta based upon the open source implementation.
Details at:

The ebXML Registry  project at source forge will be releasing a developer download later
this month
of their OASIS ebXML V2.0 Registry.


Andrzej Jan Taramina wrote:

> > > There is an implementation example of ebXML messaging suytem on SUN's
> > > site This help a lot in initiating the work with ebXML
> Problem with that implementation is that it is already obsolete and Sun has no plans
> to enhance it.  In fact, they have End of Lined their Registry implementation as well
> and handed future enhancements over to the open source ebxmlrr project (on
> Source Forge).  I seem to recall the Sun implementation being a MHS 1.0 release
> which is already out of date.
> A better bet might be the recently open sourced Sybase MHS implementation which
> supports the 2.0 spec and is actively being extended and maintained.  Go to
> sybase.com, register for their developer program (free registration) and you can
> download it.  It doesn't have JAXM support yet (few implementations do), but I've
> heard they are working on that.
> ...Andrzej
> Chaeron Corporation
> http://www.chaeron.com

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