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Subject: [ebxml-dev] ebXML MS v1.0 schema

It is a disgrace and a total abdication of responsibility that those
provided with the resources to develop and maintain ebXML have left the ebMS
1.0 'messageHeader.xsd' schema hanging. I hope you guys who are getting paid
to do this work are enjoying your sinecure while you swan around to

To facilitate Full Retail Contesability, the Gas Industry in the state of
Victoria in Australia is deploying a B2B system based on ebXML MS 1.0. The
payload is an (local industry standard) aseXML document.

We have a reference 'messageHeader.xsd' that is derived from the flawed one
published in the ebXML MS v1.0 spec, which I will gladly furnish, caveat
emptor, to anybody who wants it. 

However we feel this is a ridiculous state of affairs. Will someone, perhaps
a tool vendor, or some other organisation who understands the problem please
hang out a reference schema somewhere on the web that we can all use.

Also can we all please bring some pressure to bear on the people providing
the funding to ebXML.org to ensure they know that the people charged with
the responsibility of conveying the technical information are not fulfilling
their duties.

Neil Belford
B2B Architect
FRC Project, VENCorp

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