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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] Article: Will UN/CEFACT torpedo ebXML?

The task to find where CC fits in UMM was not a TMWG responsibility, but
that of the CC group.  You appear to be purposely flipping this around for
some odd reason.

TMWG had already stated EARLY ON that UMM already provides "context" through
by passing parameters through the reified layers of UMM, and that 1) if this
was insufficient, then the CC should help fill in the holes (perhaps adding
a few tagged values here and there), and 2) that this was clearly an
overlapping area and not a revelation (if it was a revelation, it was an
attempt to eliminate business process modeling for those eternally stuck in
the data world).  The business process defines the context.  Period.  It you
find areas it does NOT, then let the dialogue BEGIN!!

If you recall from the first ebXML meeting, TMWG originally proposed a work
group called "Standard Semantics" which ultimately was morphed.  There is
still a need for standard semantics.  Does the CC spec attain this?  It goes
overboard and needs to be simplified by linking it to UMM.

Is UMM complete?  I hope NOT.  I envision a closed loop process by which we
obtain feedback from software implementations and continually refine it.
THAT was the intent.  So far, I have found the ebXML experience to have been
a great feedback mechanism considering where UMM was, and where it is now.
The concept has not changed, but the specifics have.

Finally, TMWG original value proposition to the CSG was to help the SME by
providing plug and play components that totally insulated the SME from
technology, especially for those unfamiliar with the business processes for
international trade (e.g., submitting customs clearance and logistics
documents in the background).  ebXML lost sight of that vision, and I hope
we can return to it.  I think you will agree with that.


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From: Michael C. Rawlins
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Sent: 5/1/2002 6:57 PM
Subject: [ebxml-dev] Article:  Will UN/CEFACT torpedo ebXML?

Read about it at "The EC Contrarian".


Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting

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