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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Error Handling


We are implementing an ebXML 1.0 solution (only the messaging part of it),
and found out that two development teams interpreted the Error handling a
bit different. One team states that if an Error occurs inside one of the two
involved applications, you can use ebXML errorhandling (so it is allowed to
add an ErrorList in the reply), the other teams says that you can only use
the ErrorList if there is an error in the ebXML Message itself (ill
formatting, invalid values eg). If you want to do errorhandling of the
Business Process itself, you need to define your own errormessages and point
your Manifest towards them.

Who is right?


Reinier Battenberg
Senior IT Developer
Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center N.V.
Maastricht, The Netherlands

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