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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Need help for eb-XML Messaging system.

Respected sir,
            I am student from india.I have read artical published by you
in XML-Magazine.I am working on eb-XML Messaging System.
I am implementing eb-XML message structure for treasury project,i have
desided to use JAXM package for implementing eb-XML Messaging standard
            Let me give you some brief idea about my project,so
that you will be able to slove my problem.Requirement of project say that
one treasury wants to send the message(data releated to transctions
carried out in finace market) to any another trasury.Message can contain
any type of request which may required immegiate response or not depending
upon the type of message.
             My problem is that how should i send such message from one
treasury to another treasury,i mean should i use SOAPConnection.call or
should i use providerconnection(Message handler).
             one more problem is that all the trasury application are
develop in swing,then how should message provider or JAXM will pass the
data to them.i am using tomcat as my server,it's is possible to write
servelet code which will pass the data to swing application ???

             waiting for reply
Sunil Verma.

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