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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Need help

	 I am working on a Treasury Project.In this project we need to
implement the ebXML messaging part For transfer of messages between two
treasuries.We have come up with the following detail design to follow in
our project,but still their r some doubts.
 Our application is NOT web based.our is a stand  alone
application(Desktop Application ).We r not to use Java RMI classes
.Through this only we need to connect
to other server.For that a servlet will be continuosly running waiting for
the message.But we r not sure whether we will be using PrividerConection
class OR SOAPConnection Class JAXM package.

Kindly let me know the details about the concept of Messaging Provider
used in ProviderConnection.How to use ProvderConnection class in TOMCAT

YOUR Friendly
Sunil Kumar Verma
68 A/B Electronics City

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