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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] wrt CPP

Radhika inquires:

> can any one put light on whether its required to store
> the CPP information in the database for each user who
> is using some display form for feeding the information
> pertaining to the CPP as a result each user is
> facilitated with the CPP.xml file once he fills in all
> the data required in the form presented to the user.
> I reiterate my question : 
> Is it necessary to store each user keyed in
> information into the local database along with
> construction and providing the CPP.xml file for each
> and every user willing to create the CPP??

Despite the reduntant repetition and having received 5 identical copies of this 
post, I still don't understand a word of what Radhika is asking.

File G.....

Andrzej Jan Taramina
Chaeron Corporation: Enterprise System Solutions

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