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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Can somebody help me


Please see example at:


for example of how an Organization is classified when being submitted to registry within a SubmitObjectRequest.

-The Organization contains multiple Classifications.

-Each Classification references (by id) a ClassificationNode and a classifiedObject (the organization)

-The ClassificationNode is a node in a tree structure where the root is a ClassificationScheme or taxonomy. Example of a ClassificationScheme is. the geography scheme defined in:


You see that the Organization for Sun is classified by the United States node under the geography scheme.

You should also read the RIM 2.0 spec which has several examples on Classification.

Finally, the OASIS ebXML Registry allows you the user to define whatever ClassificationSchemes you wish so there is no limit to which ClassificationScheme (criteria) you use for classification. It depends upon the domain specific needs of the specific use case of the registry. Some standard schemes are NAICS (by industry), UNSPSC (by product), ISO3166 (by geography).

Hope this helps.


irfana wrote:

It is said that the "Registry and repository functionally perform
together as database, with shared informaton  maintained in the
repository as objects that are managed and queried through registry
And the powerful feature of registry is its capability for
classification of Objects within  the registry. Classification schemes
objects are used to categorize the Registry Objects."

I just wanted to know how the registry objects are classified within the
registry. And please let me also know the classification criterias if

Thanks in Advance.
Irfana Khanam,
TS Lead,
COMPUSOL Software Pvt. Ltd.,
#79, DVG Road, Basavanagudi,
Bangalore - 560004.
Ph: +91-80-6992173.
E-Mail: irfana@compusolsoftware.com

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