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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Not at all tangential ... interop & ebXML implementationslists

At 09:11 AM 6/13/02, Michael C. Rawlins wrote:
A couple of (perverse?) tangential observations for your consideration.  These have to do with ebXML itself and not particularly with this thread:
1)  One of the primary goals of ebXML was to enable interoperability.  

    It is a challenge to interoperability when some participants apparently are under orders to go off and start a new splinter group, every time they can't (1) run it, or (2) exclusively own the IP.  Almost everyone who didn't stay with ebXML seems to be shipping a Better-than-ebXML these days.  :)  Must be a lot of money to be made out there in Proprietary Land.
     But interop does not depend on vendors.  The users -- the customers! -- are tiring of multiplicity, and showing an increasingly smart preference for stricter IP hygiene and stricter levels of fairness, openness and vendor neutrality. 
    Thank heaven.

Two years after its inception interoperability is still a problem and UN/CEFACT and OASIS are sponsoring interoperability seminars.  Clearly the work is not yet finished.

    Just to be clear about the "Interop" conferences.   So far as I can tell, OMG, OASIS and others have co-led these seminars, set the agenda and orchestrated things.  ebXML as a project, and the CEFACT agencies who run some of it, were not brought in as a partner or co-lead anywhere, although a few of us did attend, and I think we were asked to be a nominal cosponsor at the last minute last time. 
     So:  interop = good, "Interop Summit" = somebody else's production.  We wish it well, and I think some of the ebXML leads will be there again this year as attendees.

2)   It seems to me that the majority of discussion on this listserv has been about general discussion topics (of which this thread is an example) rather than substantive technical questions related to ebXML development and implementation.  Lots of lists have fairly low signal to noise ratios, but the relatively low signal on this one makes me wonder about implementations.

Ebxml-dev has a lot of product and standards content because it is one of our few project-wide lists.  Most of the other ebxml lists are allocated to specific, narrow work products from a discrete OASIS or CEFACT working group.  

So far, implementation announcements are mostly being noted on the ebxml.org web site, not here.  As a public nonprofit effort we are less oriented towards press releases and vaporware.  So perhaps we do not brag enough. 

Gee, Mike, are Covisint, STAR, RosettaNet, SWIFT, OAG, ebXMLSoft, OpenebXML, Sybase, Oracle, Pan Asian Alliance, Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan, Boeing, the XML Global toolset, ZenAptix's Xeco, Component-X, BindStudio, Open Interchange Consortium, Briyante, EAN-UCC, Open Travel Alliance, BitDaemons Ltd.'s Octimal, Korea Trade Network, Sun, Sterling Commerce, Hong Kong University, Victoria (AU) Gas Market, Global TradeDesk, ERCOT (State of Texas), US NIST, Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce, Cyclone Commerce, Drummond Group, and Kasumi Co. Ltd. insufficient?  Mind you, these are not committee members or logo sponsors, these are people building and testing software and data structures.  Now.  To our standards.  Voluntarily.    

I apologize to those not listed, or misspelled, but only had a few minutes to pull this together ... by scanning the last few pages of traffic on ebxml-dev.  There are many other equally worthy projects and listings on our open mail-list archives, and on the ebxml.org "implementations" page.  I know of others as well that have not announced;  the foregoing sources only reflect announced efforts.

Maybe in my next life I will be a PR flak instead of a lawyer.

Best regards  Jamie

~ James Bryce Clark
~ VP and General Counsel, McLure-Moynihan Inc.   www.mmiec.com
~ Chair, US ABA Business Law Subcommittee on Electronic Commerce
~ www.abanet.org/buslaw/cyber/ecommerce/ecommerce.html
~ 1 818 597 9475   jamie.clark@mmiec.com   jbc@lawyer.com
~ This message is neither legal advice nor a binding signature.  Ask me why.

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