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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] gorilla hair vs. beach balls

Sorry to interrupt you discussion, but as someone new to ebXML and these
discussions I just wanted to support what Scott Beach wrote:

-----Original Message-----
From: Beach, Scott [mailto:Scott.Beach@goodrich.com]
ebXML simply lacks an "elevator speech" that is compelling to IT executives.
Web services doesn't suffer from this same marketing paralysis.  Another
case where better technologically doesn't correlate to more successful.

As a newcomer, I found the ebXML documentation rather overwhelming. Besides
the requirements document there seems to be no overview. At least I couldn't
find one with a clear message that I could use to present ebXML to business
people or technology managers. Such docs would really help, especially in
comparisons to other technologies/standards.

To me it seems that currently the task to explain ebXML in a concise manner
is delegated to sites like WebServices.org, where many people first hear
about ebXML. (Just my impression)

Rainer Volz
www.vrtprj.com - virtual teams & distributed projects
www.vrtprj.de - virtuelle teams & verteilte projekte

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