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Subject: [ebxml-dev] XML Standards for SME s/w developers

16:22 Wed 25 Jun 2002						REF:A9EACBN1


John - you may be interested in distributing the links in this e-mail to 
non oz-ebxml contacts who are observers on progress with XML 
uptake by Australian SME software developers.

The links that may be of interest are:

SME E-biz Benefits survey results

The presentation papers for XML standards for SME software developers.  
This is the presentation that was given in Adelaide earlier this month.

A key discussion point has been the significance of dates and 
ISO 8601.  The problem is that ISO 8601 allows at least 3 different date
representations.  We have no problem with the different date presentation,
the issue is the electronic format of the date when it is sent.  There
should only be 1 format so that every XML software developer uses the 
same format. Hence the proposal by the members of the OIC Electronic
Tender service for a standard EII XML format for each date field as part of 
a drop down menu process

If there is time I would be pleased to answer any questions at the meeting 
on Friday or by e-mail


Stephen GOULD
ebXML Australia Repsresentative
16:35 W 2002/06/26	Syd	2089 Aus

E: 	sggould@oic.org
T:	612-9966-4751
W:	http://www.oic.org/3a4a2.htm

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