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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] ebXML Party Identification

The CPPA specification defines the value of PartyId as a business identifier such as a DUNS number. It permits an organization to specify multiple PartyIds if its various divisions have different PartyIds. It may also specify multiple PartyIds in different naming systems. This PartyId goes in the message header.

So, the PartyId cannot identify an MSH unless the business has just one gateway with one MSH.

An implementation may have a separate logical MSH associated with each transport endpoint address but this is neither a requirement nor necessarily the best implementation. In general, an MSH is viewed as an implementation construct.

The important identifiers are PartyId (for the business) and Service and Action (for the software interface to the application or middleware that sends and receives messages via the MSH).


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Thomas Bikeev <Bikeev@ean-int.org>

          Thomas Bikeev <Bikeev@ean-int.org>

          06/27/2002 07:39 AM

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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] ebXML Party Identification


<From> and <To> identify the "Trading Party" (Generic Term). <From> and <To> contain <PartyId>, value of which is some globally accepted unique identifier such as EAN Global Location Number - GLN. The child element <PartyId> would identify MSH. Further elements within <SOAP:Header><eb:MessageHeader> such as <eb:service> and <eb:Action> give the possibility to the MSH to decide which backend system is involved (or which department message must be routed to).

Kind regards,
Thomas Bikeev

EAN International
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Subject: [ebxml-dev] ebXML Party Identification

There will often not be a one-to-one relationship between a organisation and
an MSH. For example a corporation might have multiple MSHs and one MSH might

serve multiple companies, e.g. different subsidiaries with different


Is the From/PartyID (original sender) and To/Party IDs (ultimate receiver)
in the ebXML MS Message Header intended to represent business parties or


Thanks in advance for any clarifications,

Anders Tholen


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