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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] cross vertical interoperability

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> From: conch@etri.re.kr [mailto:conch@etri.re.kr] 
> Hi lists 
> I have couple of questions related to ebXML cross vertical
> How do you automate business processes across vastly different
verticals at the level of BP > and CC?  Is there any specification or
recommendations by ebXML workgroups?  Do you need a 
> universal BP to achieve cross vertical interoperability? 
> yours
> Dave  

That is a good question, and what business communities will expect in
order to see efficiency.
To answer that question just for a moment assume that in a runtime ebXML
operation people have access to technically compliant ebXML messaging
and a technically compliant ebXML BPSS.
For your answer let's also assume 'cross vertical interoperability'
needs to achieve "BUSINESS  operating interoperability" where 2
companies can actually describe their real world BUSINESS contract in
ebXML; so we define 'interoperability success' in real world business
terms and not technology terms.

To achieve 'cross vertical BUSINESS interoperability' what is needed is
for an alignment of the various UN/CEFACT UMM layers defined in the
public collaborative domain between companies. Please look at the center
piece of the attached slide. 

From the slide, "business interoperability" starts with and ends with
'Goal Alignment' which means real world business goals have been
aligned; ex. Buyer seeks 96% on time delivery of purchase orders, and
seller agrees that 96% on time can be achieved. The rest of the
ebXML/eBTWG architecture should work together to realize the clearly
defined business goals - and not add or subtract anything from the
original business objective.

The rest of the 'alignment stack' in the slide is described within eBTWG
(because this really falls within the UN/CEFACT domain) is modeled with
the UN's UMM metamodel; and then the model can be "executed".

For the relevant specifications, besides the CC team work, the basic
relevant BP teams you need to look at are the Business Entity Type (BET)
team and the Business Collaboration Patterns & Monitored Commitments
(BCP&MC) team.

-Dave Welsh

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