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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Enterprise Ontology ebXML (RDF) description file

 It is really a pleasure for me to say thanx to the people who sent me the links they knew -

 Farrukh Najmi , Bob Bhaugen,  Dave Welsh.

 I am studying them (although I knew McCarthy’s paper before).

 It seems that the problem looks  more “unprocessed” then I could imagine. It looks as if there is no a rdf (or ebXML) file in WWW describing not a candy factory but even Kodak photo booth. 

                   Be well – Vladimir


  P bI K O B  B. B.  MOCKBA

 Vladimir Rykov, PhD in Computational Linguistics,
 Engl. http://www.blkbox.com/~gigawatt/rykov.html
 Tel +7-903-749-19-99

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