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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] ebXML with XBRL Payload

At 08:52 AM 11/2/2002, Zachary Alexander wrote:
>Are there any efforts underway to implement ebXML MS with a XBRL payload?

If so, I would be eager to work on it.

I believe the XBRL *framework* is competitive with ebXML,
and the XBRL taxonomies for financial reporting are wholly
irrelevant to UN/CEFACT which is trade facilitation. And
needless to say they would be useless in describing business

However, the XBRL full taxonomy for GL would have been a very nice
horizontal vocabulary for the individuals and small business "context".
http://www.xbrl.org/gl/gl.htm   The usefulness in getting a small doc.
such as invoice, order or remittance from one small bus. software to
another, cannot be overstated.   (the market leaders in SME accounting
software indicate privately they will never agree to their competitors'
XML vocabularies, nor, join in standards efforts for interoperability.)

I can't seem to find the full version of XBRL GL anymore.  I guess
they removed it from the XBRL site.  That is ominous.  What hope
is there for any standard, when its own sponsoring organization
stops publishing it?

XBRL full taxonomy for GL if loaded into the registry of core
components, would have been capable of describing transactions
about as well as some other vocabularies advocated as
ebXML payloads such as OAG.  (the light version seen on
the website is incapable, lacking even product/service identifiers)

Todd Boyle

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