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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Reasonably priced commercial JAXM compliant ebXML messagehandler??

Hello all,

I am often working on B2B integration projects and am repeatedly faced with
the lack of a common messaging framework between different middleware / B2Bi
software providers (other than a simple http POST which lacks the
reliability & security of ebXML MSH).  What I'd like to have is a JAXM
compliant ebXML MSH 2.0 message handler which I can embed in various
different packages to acheive a common messaging framework.

I am aware of the open-source efforts underway at CECID but, when it comes
to providing software to "live" customers, I'd rather use something that has
some commercial support & documentation.  Another problem is that I tend to
focus on short, sharp projects that leverage existing infrastructure and
standards (ie I keep costs low).  To this end I could pass on a cost of,
say, USD 1000 to a customer for an ebXML message handler, but not a cost in
10's or 100's of thousands.

So does anyone know of a standalone message handler component which is
reasonably priced and complies with ebXML MSH2.0 and JAXM (v1.1)?

The problem I find is that many vendors offer an ebXML message handler but
only if you buy their entire Middleware suite.  Whan a customer already has
a middleware solution but just wants to add a certain capability, it seems
much harder to do.

Sounds like a market opportunity to me.  The next thing on my shopping list
is commercially supported stylesheets providing transformations between
common payload formats.


Steve Capell
Sydney, Australia
Tel : +61 410 437854

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