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Subject: [ebxml-dev] elementary doubt on ebXML MSH

Hi! ebXML Folks,

ebXML vision is to create a Single global electronic market place where enterprises of any size, any where can find each other electronically and conduct business through exchange of XML Based Messages.

If any two Business Partners want exchange the Messages using Message Service Handler, Then How should be the Message Service Handler. Because i have developed a MSH which is J2EE compliant, it consists of Some Web Server containing JSPs and Servlets and Some Data base for Storing the message Details.

Now My Basic question is

wether Message Service Handler can be made Web Based application, where any two trading Partners can down load and install and start communicating(ie sending and recieving ebXML Messages)Not tied to any plat form(like Some Instant messenger).

I mean, Now any one wants to use My MSH then both the trading partners should have web Server to Send and recieve ebXML compliant messages. Is it possible to create an MSH which can be downloaded and installed indpendent of plat forms, and avoding using web Servers.


Just Clarify me






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