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Subject: [ebxml-dev] ebXML software requirements

Hello list,

I am just starting to learn how to implement ebXML for the purposes of demonstrating how small to medium suppliers can use it to transact BODs with their Trading Partners.

I am starting with the Hermes open source implementation.

Here is my dilemma:

The installation guide says the following are required:

1) Java 2 Development Kit
2) Database (i.e MySQL)

I don't have a problem with that, but it also requires:

2) Application Server (i.e. Tomcat)
3) SMTP Server (i.e. ???)

This is a lot to implement to get secure reliable messaging. There is a lot of skill required to implement all of this software and integrate it to make it work. This does not even address any of the other ebXML components - just MSH - and not even back-end integration. Not a problem if you're GM as with the recently discussed presentation, but what about the Voice Of the Lower Tiers?

This sounds more complicated than EDI! Am I missing something here?

I would assume this would all run on a Windows platform as that is what a lot of the smaller guys have available. Tomcat seems like a big monster!

Doesn't sound like "...enterprises of any size..." - has anyone done a study on the costs of technical consultants to implement this at a site that doesn't have expertise in Java, database, app servers, and mail servers?

Please accept my apologies in advance if I am out of line here -- feel free to set me straight!


Tony Slosar
Consultant, Application Integration
(EDI, some EAI)

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