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[ebxml-dev] [ANN] Extensible Markup Argument Settlement schema!

Earlier today the W4C, in partnership with OASICK announced the release of

a new specification, the Extensible Markup Argument Settlement schema.

It was deemed, by the first unanimous vote in the organizations' history,
that a solution was needed to the bickering and bitching that seems to
have become so commonplace in the world of XML-based standards.

The schema was specifically designed to address these concerns, and keep
both the wash-your-mouth-out-with-SOAP and give-it-a-REST factions
deliriously happy with the end result, while also pandering to the RDF
(Really Dumb Formats) and RSS (Reality is Silly, Stupid) camps as well. 
However, it was noted that some pundits were going down the wrong XPath
shaking their heads while contemplating some convoluted XQuery.

Unfortunately, the Info hasn't Set yet with the new Extensible Markup
Argument Settlement schema, and speculation is running rampant that this
was due to a lack of XGelatine in the "cooking" of this new intiative.
XML.com countered with an lengthy article discussing possible validation
strategies for the new schema, and using XSLT recursively till the result
was expressed as a single, one byte compressed binary tag, about which
they concluded that no- one really cared anyway.

The voiciferous denizens of the fractious xml-dev and ebXML newsgripes 
immediately started a hailstorm of posts that were incomprehensible to
mortals, and only ended when Bill the "I'm the one true Gate(s) to XML 
enlightenment" threatened to sue for violation of the Hailstorm trademark,
unfortunately, began yet another wave of self-righteous posts of XML-
formatted indignation that used various brilliant but undecipherable
payload encoding methodologies.  

However, the signs were hopeful, when a lone VB programmer, upon 
reviewing the spec in it's infinite glory, having stumbled upon it, while
trying to unsuccessfully find an ActiveX porn control that would implement
(Bum-2-Bum) collaboration using the OogleXXX search engine, summarized 
the key concept by remarking:

"Merry XMas to all and to all a good night!".

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