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Subject: [ebxml-dev] who shall build BP and who actually does ?

I'd like to have information and advice about who is expected to build Business Processes and messages and who really does:


Many enterprises may today have enough skills to design and implement ebXML Business Processes but will have no sufficient overview of the sector or no care for normalization.

I mean that the processes they will build may be useable (and useful) for them and their partners but won't be standard enough to be used by a large number of businesses (even in the same sector). So these initiatives may put in danger sector specific standardization efforts or even cross-sector efforts like UBL.


I used to believe that only associations of enterprises or large corporations, aware of these issues, would build messages and processes.

But today, I can see more and more software that can build BP, some of them using UMM and the Core Components, some of them not.



What can you tell me about this? Have you ever designed your own private BP and messages and used them in real communications? Or do you always wait for standard processes?

Shall businesses hurry into ebXML and design their very own BP or shall they wait for even more standardization?

And at last what's really going on today?




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