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[ebxml-dev] where to find the real exchanged documents definition



The content of the exchanged document (content level) is defined in the BP document:


    name="Puchase Order Request"





With the action binding in the CPPA we can finally find this document. But what is it used for, as the "real" exchanged message is defined in the CPPA?




      tp:location=http://www.rosettanet.org/schemas/PIP3A4RequestPurchaseOrder.xsd tp:version="2.0">




--- after that a Packaging element defines the message (header + PO request).


What does exactly NamespaceSupported means? In the spec it is said it is optional, still I don't really understand what it is used for.


So my question (at last) is:

Where shall the exact content of the message be defined? In the BP document or through the NamespaceSupported in the CPPA?



Thanks for your help,

Best regards,

DSI Groupe Casino - Etudes

04 77 45 48 01



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