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[ebxml-dev] Business transaction characteristics

Title: Business transaction characteristics

I have questions related to business transaction characteristics in CPPA.
Let's suppose we have following BT characteristics in CPPA
Action = "PO Order"
packageId = "companyA_requestPack"
   isNonRepudiationRequired = "true"
   isNonRepudiationReceiptRequired = "true"
   isConfidential =
   timeToAck = "P1D"
   timeToPerform = "PT2H"
But we also have similar BT characteristics in BPS document.  How are they related?
From my understanding, there are two types of signal, BSI level (BPS) and MSH level. Hence BT characteristics in BPS describes behavior of business signals and those in CPPA are for MSH level characteristics that are handled by MSH. (business signals = BSI).  Am I on the right track? I'm very confused.

Please enlighten me

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